A Creative Life 

for You

with Creative Life Coach

Amy Eiken

Are you ready to have a meaningful impact?

Are you at a crossroads in your life and ready to make a positive change?

Are you ready to live life on your terms...truthfully, authentically?

Are you ready to empower your life in meaningful and fulfilling ways? 

If creating a life of love and connection is your desire you have landed in the right place!!! 

It's time for your wishes for to come true!

Now is the time to listen to the whispers and inner longings that have been trying to get your attention.

I have been immersed in an adventure of self-discovery after leaving my decades long teaching career.

I had an inner knowing I could no longer ignore. It was time for me to make a change in my life.

I have learned the importance of self-love, reawakening my creativity and listening to my intuition. 

Are you wanting this too? I can help.

I want  you to move forward into the life you've been longing for with confidence and certainty.

The thing you need first is learning how to...

I'm seeking courageous women who feel called to greater things for themselves and the world, but need support and structure to get there! 

reawaken your creativity to bring your vision to life!

Are you ready to move forward with purpose?

What are the benefits for reawakening your creativity?  

You reconnect with your spirit and the truth of who you are. You find the magic in everyday things. You can dream big without fear. You develop a loving relationship with yourself that is empowered and strong. So...


  • You’ve always been motivated and organized; a leader in your household or workplace, but played by their rules and felt constrained.
  • You have been really good at taking care of others, meeting deadlines, and exceeding expectations, but not so good at self-care.
  • You know how to perform in the roles you have played...mom, wife, boss, partner, caretaker, etc. but are ready to discover who YOU are, what YOU love, and wake up to new possibilities.
  • You are willing to invest in yourself as you enter this new phase of life.
  • You are seeking creative strategies that will move you into the life you want to live.


You, like me,  are a visionary 

seeking ways to live a life that's meaningful and fulfilling!

If you are curious about taking your life to the next level then...this is it!

Creative Life for You

with Amy Eiken, Creative Life Coach


BUT if you are ready to do the work to get to the next level of your life and be who you were meant to be in this world then LET'S GO! 

Together we'll embark on your journey of self discovery and creating the life you now desire.

Reawakening your creativity is vital if you want your dream life.


Before I share about the chance to work with me

Let me tell you about something about my own journey.

A few years ago, I was ready for a big change. I was deeply invested in my teaching career and a long term personal relationship, but was feeling restless and unfulfilled. I was unhappy and increasingly unmotivated and shutdown in all areas of my life. To the outside world all looked good, but I was pretending.


Eventually I got to the point where the inner whispers were getting loud and I couldn't fake it anymore. I knew there just HAD to be more in my life.

I resigned from my teaching position. I ended my long-term relationship. 

It was so exhilarating and empowering to decide to take my life back! I was euphoric for the first few weeks. So many possibilities. So much I wanted to try and do. 

But then in a blink of an eye, my freedom and all the uncertainties became scary as heck! I had often fantasized about having nothing but time to do what I want, but I soon felt like a fish out of water...flopping around on the dock. The unknown was super uncomfortable and I was really floundering, but I was also ready to grow.

I read many books about the law of attraction and all things spiritual, but I wasn't seeing big changes. I had all the time freedom to create the life I wanted, but had no idea where to start. I knew I needed something that made me feel like I had a reason to be here. The overwhelm of all the possibilities was paralyzing.


I needed support. I needed some structure to put my creative ideas into a business model and a system to help me manifest the impactful life I envisioned for myself. 

What's happened since then has been amazing...

I have personally trained with Mike Dooley, Mastin Kipp and davidji.

I have met my tribe of unconditionally supportive souls and like minded friends.

I have trained in front of international audiences.

I publicly speak and advocate about causes I care deeply about (mental health, education and environment).

I have a creative business that I love where I help empower women to live their best lives and I have plans to start an organic flower farm and spiritual education center. 

I have time freedom and money freedom to explore, play in the dirt, serve, and create life as I want it...on my own terms. 

My life is full, but there is more to do to help the world. So I need you to step into the life you are meant to live. Know you have a role to play. Feel that calling.


NOW, it's time for you to grow into your BEST life! The world needs you to shine!

So I hired a coach and immersed myself in new opportunities. Things started to change quickly when I said YES to me!

I believe it's no accident that you're here!

Have You Been Wishing to Find an Opportunity Like This?

I’ve spent years teaching and personally learning from some of the top teachers in the personal development space. I have learned that things show up when they are meant to. So glad you are here.

If you are a lifelong learner or spiritual seeker or just know it's time for a change and are ready to discover what's next for you, let's partner up to move you forward into an amazing life full of joy and meaning.


  • Creative. Empowering. Fun. Grounded.
  • Spiritually and intellectually stimulating.
  • Exploratory. Reflective. Maybe even a little messy.
  • Personalized coaching to help you meet your goals and desired outcomes.
  • Weekly one-on-one calls with me and occasional projects to do. 
  • Deep heartfelt connections with both me and the other women on this journey through a private FB group.
  • Mindfulness. Creativity. Spirituality. Empowerment. Sisterhood. Purpose. 

In a nutshell:

You will receive personalized support from me through our weekly coaching calls. 

You will have the chance to explore and play, create and grow with my guidance.

Your curiosity about your future journey and the new learning will open you up to all kinds of possibilities and miracles.

Working with Amy was so rewarding for me. I've always said if I have a creative bone in my body I haven't found it. Then I met Amy. I shared with her a project I wanted to hire her to do for me. She convinced me that I was able to do it myself with her direction. She made me feel confident. I did it and it turned out great! Thanks Amy for helping me find my creative side.  

~Terri F.

Here's what they say:

Amy leads with her heart and her smile; she is open, happy, wise, creative and fun. It is her heart’s truest desire to assist others to live their purpose in alignment with their truth and dreams. So if you’re ready to make changes in your life, but feel something is holding you back, or if you’re fearful of taking a “leap”, or if you’re ready for something new, but are uncertain where to begin, Amy’s workshops and coaching sessions are for you.


~Cece W. 

I have known Amy for over 25 years. Her enthusiasm for teaching is remarkable. Amy sees the best in everyone around her. She makes a difference in people’s lives through her passion and creativity. Amy has an innate ability to recognize and nourish the gifts within each individual. Her positivity is contagious!           

~ Jill S. 

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I look forward to talking more about your hopes and dreams. They may seem far away, but I can't wait to help you bring them forth sooner than later. 

Quit wishing for a better life. Take a chance on yourself.



with Amy Eiken

Creative Life Coach and Infinite Possibilities Trainer